Cold Storage Warehouses

Refrigeration Systems for All Types of Inventory

At Refrigeration Amesse, we know that keeping your inventory fresh is one of your top concerns, which is why our team goes out of its way to offer the best refrigeration equipment and service on the market.

A Qualified Team That Takes Care of Everything!

Our experienced team can install any type of refrigeration system. We will make sure to meet the standards and requirements of your industry and take into account all your requests.

24/7 Emergency Service

Your refrigeration system must be in working order at all times, to keep your inventory fresh. That’s why we offer 24/7 service.

Here’s what Refrigeration Amesse can do for a cold storage (refrigerated warehouses):

  • Full installation of cold storage warehouses
  • Vacuum cooling system installation
  • Comprehensive computerized control (Ultra Site Software)
  • Data verification and set-up
  • Distribution of industrial vegetable coolers
  • Refrigeration conversion
  • Refrigerant conversion
  • Chiller optimization
  • Refrigeration system maintenance
  • Design of mechanical rooms and refrigerators with large footprints
  • Quote and plans

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