Expert cooling system installation

Our refrigeration specialists will take care of the full installation of your refrigeration system. They ensure that all units are set up properly and safely. All Refrigeration Amesse technicians are certified to install and repair a wide range of cooling equipment.

Our installation service includes:

    • Configurations that maximize performance
    • Installing high-tech equipment
    • Installating complex vacuum cooling systems

Let our experts carry out these complex tasks that may require a specialized knowledge and tools. Réfrigération Amesse is your best choice for a quality refrigeration!

Quick and efficient delivery

We have the equipment and vehicles needed to transport all types of cooling units. Feel free to contact us to find out which areas we serve.

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Everything you need to get your cooling system set up!

We are specialized in providing service for a range of industries

  • Agricultural Producers

  • Commercial Businesses

  • Cold Storage

  • Industrial Systems

  • Vegetable Producers

Contact our team to find out which solution is best for you!