Computerized Remote Control

At Refrigeration Amesse, we want to make things easy for you. Installing a computerized sytem for remote control and monitoring, means more stable temperatures and humidity levels in your refrigeration units, which will increase the lifespan of your cooling equipment. Bottom line, you can expect increased savings and decreased hassle.

Our refrigeration experts have installed hundreds of computerized control systems, from a range of manufacturers. You can rely on them for quality work.

Quality and peace of mind

After the install, computerized control systems are monitored by the product manufacturer. Their qualified staff can ensure that your refrigeration system is running efficiently.

In the event of a system failure, they will send a warning and, if required, we can provide quick repairs. This service is offered 24/7.

Do you want to monitor the recorded data yourself? With the purchase of a computerized control system, you also gain accès to all recorded parameters.


For several years now, our most popular controller has been the KE2 unit. This product is time-tested and our are clients are always satisfied with its performance.

To find out more, visit our KE2 page.

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